Smart Cities Strategy

The All Party Parliamentary Group on Smart Cities (APPGSC) is holding an inquiry to examine the potential benefits of a UK Government Strategy on Smart Cities.  The inquiry will consider whether and in what ways a national strategy could add value to existing activity in the smart city space by UK Government departments, local government (including the new combined authorities), other public authorities and the private sector.  It will  seek to identify the themes and priorities that such a strategy should set out and to describe the potential benefits that this could deliver. The first stage of this inquiry will be a call for evidence.

Call for evidence

The Group is seeking evidence from across the breadth of its membership including businesses, trade associations, universities, charities and local authorities. Members of the APPGSC are invited to submit brief written submissions (max 600 words), answering the following questions, by Thursday 21st December.  Based on these submissions, the Group will look to hold a number of evidence-gathering meetings and hearings in order to develop a set of recommendations and a short report that will be presented to Government and form the basis of future discussions.

Please send submissions to


  1. Please describe the nature of the organisation you represent and its involvement in smart cities in the UK and overseas.
  2. What are the biggest (a) challenges and (b) opportunities the UK faces in developing the potential of its smart cities sector?
  3. What three things could national government do to overcome these challenges/seize these opportunities?
  4. As many powers relating to smart cities are devolved to local and combined authorities, how can national government best support devolved decision making in this area?
  5. Do you see the Government’s primary responsibility for smart cities as enhancing the development of smart cities domestically or promoting the export of our smart city expertise around the world – or both?

Please note that the call for evidence is only open to members of the APPGSC. For further information on membership, please contact